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Workshop on Overview of Open and Distance Learning for Bowen University
Published on: October 27, 2022

Workshop Title: Workshop on Overview of Open and Distance Learning for Bowen University

Date: 24th – 26th August 2022
Number of Participants: 52
Number of Institutions: 1

  • Bowen University

Workshop Objectives:
During the workshop, participants were:

  • Introduced to the historical, conceptual, theoretical and contextual foundations/basics of open and distance learning.
  • Acquainted with institutional typologies, and academic and administrative operations in open and distance learning.
  • Enabled to appreciate and commit to successfully operationalising a DUAL-Mode University (DMU) to fulfil NUC’s requirements for accrediting its Distance Learning Centre (DLC).
  • Acquainted with NUC policy guidelines on dual-mode institutions.
  • Able to Identify the processes and procedures for establishing DLCs and acquiring NUC accreditation including the acquisition of approval from the University Governing Council and Senate.
  • Equipped with the skill to develop a strategic plan for the proposed DMU/DLC,
  • Enabled to work towards the various requirements for a DLC including, academic portfolio planning and selection; physical and infrastructure development; and course materials and learning resources development.
  • Familiarised with the planning, management and quality assurance processes of distance learning systems in a DMU/DLC.
  • Supported to develop the skills and proficiencies needed to develop institutional action plans with benchmarks, resources and timelines.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Demonstratable knowledge and skills of the foundational aspects of the dual-mode higher institution and how a DLC operates in it.
  • A negotiated understanding and definition of DL within the DLC context of instructional delivery in dual-mode institutions.
  • An outline of the various requirements necessary to operationalise a DLC.
  • An ODL policy framework and a Quality Assurance policy framework for further development and ratification by the senate and governing Council.

A summary document, Institutional Framework, outlining an institutional action plan with benchmarks, resources and timelines for operationalising a dual-mode university in fulfilment of the NUC guidelines for accreditation.


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