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Mastering Digital Learning: Facilitating Learning in an Online Context
Published on: December 8, 2023

Course Description

The digital landscape has transformed the world of education, making online facilitation an essential skill for educators worldwide. This course, “Mastering Digital Learning: Facilitating Learning in an Online Context“, offers a comprehensive guide to understanding and implementing effective online facilitation strategies in distance learning. Whether you are a seasoned educator looking to adapt to the digital age or a newcomer to the world of online teaching, this course provides the knowledge and tools you need to create impactful, engaging online learning experiences.

Welcome Video

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction and Setting the Foundation

  • Fundamentals of Online Facilitation
  • Understanding Distance Learners’ Characteristics and Needs
  • What do learning theories tell us about how distance learners learn?
  • Who is a Facilitator?

Week 2: Building the Online Learning Experience

  • Learning Outcomes in Online Facilitation
  • Learning resources for online facilitation
  • Learning Activities in Online Facilitation
  • How to engage Learners through Discussion Forum

Week 3: Facilitation Techniques and Strategies

  • Synchronous Online Facilitation
  • Asynchronous Online Facilitation
  • Introduction to Flipped Classroom
  • Useful Tips in Online Facilitation

Week 4: Implementing Online Facilitation on the VLE

  • Online Facilitation Lesson Plan
  • Implementing the Online Facilitation Lesson on the VLE
  • Enrolling Students on the VLE
  • How to set up and manage a Videoconferencing (Zoom) Class on the VLE
  • Managing Large Classes by Creating Groups on the VLE

Bonus Material (to be accessed anytime during the course):

  • How to send messages to students through email and quick mail on the course page
  • How to Add activities and Resources to the course page
  • How to Upload Instructional Videos to YouTube and embed them on the Course page
  • Discussion Forum in Online Facilitation

Course Audience

Educators, faculty members, NOUN’s internal and external facilitators, instructional designers, and anyone interested in enhancing their skills in online facilitation and understanding the nuances of distance learning.

Outcomes of this Course

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain and utilize the principles and strategies behind effective online facilitation.
  • Design and implement a learner-centred online course tailored to the needs of distance learners.
  • Employ both synchronous and asynchronous online facilitation techniques.
  • Seamlessly integrate various tools and platforms, including Virtual Learning Environment, Quick mail and video conferencing software, into their online teaching practice.
  • Create activities and resources on the VLE.
  • Effectively manage and engage large online classes.

About Certificates

To earn a Certificate of Achievement for this course, participants must:

  • Complete all the lessons for the course.
  • Actively participate in all weekly discussions and forums.
  • Complete and submit all assignments and projects by the specified deadlines.
  • Attend all live sessions or view the recorded sessions if unable to attend the live session.
  • Achieve a minimum score of 70% on all assessments.

Course Developers and Facilitators

  • Professor Christine Ofulue
  • Professor Juliet Inegbedion
  • Dr Adewale Adesina
  • Felix Olakulehin
  • Dr John Oparaduru
  • Dr Lukman Bello
  • Oluwaseun Oluyide
  • Segun Buhari
  • Halima Bamalli
  • Miracle J. David
  1. Prof Alice Asim

    Just reading this. Please how long will this training last and what are the start and end dates?

    • Baemedi Monthusi Kaisara

      Please reply enroll me in this programme. I am a principal of a public TVET college in Botswana and a PhD candidate with University of South Africa. My interest is to write an article of feasibility study on blended learning in public TVET colleges in Botswana


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